Projection of the documentary ‘Aral, the lost sea’ by Isabel Coixet

As part of the activities in Palmyra related to our current exhibition Women & Water, on Friday 22 March 2013 (World Water Day) we will project ‘Aral, the lost sea’ by Isabel Coixet.

The documentary produced for the We Are Water Foundation discusses the ecological disaster of the Aral Sea in Central Asia. Aral was, just 50 years ago, the fourth largest lake in the world, with 66,000 square kilometers. Today is a vast desert with skeletons of boats stranded on the sand.

boats-aral-seaaral1Aral, el mar perdido (1)20070410klpgeodes_26.Ies.SCOAral

YEAR 2010
DURATION 25 min.
DIRECTOR Isabel Coixet
SCRIPT Isabel Coixet
NARRATOR Sir Ben Kingsley
MUSIC Tim Robbins / Federico Cendagorta
PHOTOGRAPHY Jordi Azategui
PRODUCER We Are Water Foundation
GENDER Documentary | Nature. Short film


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