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Presentation in Palmyra
Friday 19 | 04 | 2013

The experiments of Mr Emoto consist in exposing water in recipients, together with different words (expressions), drawings or music, then freeze it and examine the esthetic shape that the crystals take, all through microscopic photographs.

The essential point of this particular theory is that “Human thoughts, words, music, or any labels on the recipients have actually got an impact on the water.

So, if water does react in this way, then, as we are composed by 70-80% water, we should react likewise.”

About Diego Nebot:

I graduated as a jeweler at the Massana School of Barcelona, and studied the significance of minerals at the Crystal Healing Academy of Katrina Raphaell in Hawaii, so my jewelry work is fully influenced by the energy of the minerals and metals that I use, creating pieces with soul, an extra value to its aesthetic value.

Because of this philosophy, when I met Masaru Emoto’s experiments, I wanted to make jewelry with his crystallizations. I had the opportunity to meet him and when he saw my work, he wanted me to make the jewelry of his crystallizations in an official way.

I am currently working with the crystallization of the words THANK YOU, FAITH and TRUTH. It is the beginning of a project full of love and enthusiasm.


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