The Centre

The objective of this sculpture centre to is to provide a dedicated space for sculptors the world over to create, interact and develop their potential to the fullest. A spacious and luminous studio and garden filled with inspiration for both the mind and the soul, in which each and every feature, every beam of sunlight, shadow, shape and hue is designed to bring out creativity straight from the heart. A forum for learning and teaching, for the meeting of kindred creators, where dreams can be moulded, sculpted and carved … and subsequently displayed in our sculpture garden, amid nature and under the Mallorcan sky.

The aim is to encourage more sculptors to come and work at the centre for periods of time, as has been happening in since its foundation in May 2010. Palmyra organises exhibitions to promote the work of sculptors and their projects and to increase awareness with the public for the need of creativity in the world around them. All works in the Sculpture Garden of Palmyra are for sale.