JOAN COSTA IN AMSTERDAM with Colours of Water

24 | 05 | 2014 • 28 | 06 | 2014 gallery 9 Keizersgracht 548 1017 EL Amsterdam Opening Saturday 24 | 05 | 2014 16.00 – 18.00 Live music by Mary Lambourne (voice) and Albert Garcia (flamenco guitar) Palmyra Sculpture Centre, with the collaboration of IEB (Institut d’Estudis Baleàrics), is very happy to present Spanish sculptor Joan Costa in the Netherlands with his first exhibition in gallery 9 in Amsterdam as well as in stand 40 of gallery 9 on KunstRAI (June 4-9). A sculptor from the Island of Mallorca, his researches into the natural world have led him to the study of water, from almost every possible viewpoint. Its boundaries, the space it inhabits, its form, movement, its social and human aspects. Joan Costa invite front

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